Our mission

We believe that the Data is the King. It's what will make or break an online business. Analysing, Understanding, Reacting and Predicting what will separate the winners and losers.


In the digital world where data is everywhere, it can be overwhelming when you are focused on building and running a business. 


We know that this huge amounts of data provide huge new benefits, but also big headaches.


Our mission is to provide eCommerce stores with the leading edge of data analytics, cutting through the complexity with our expertise and providing you with simple actionable recommendations that we know will improve your numbers dramatically.

Our story

Our passion lies where science meets technology. Our experience comes from large enterprise businesses, where words like Big Data and Digital Strategies can make millions of dollars of difference to a business. 


We couldn't stand seeing so many emerging and established eCommerce businesses struggling to increase their sales and spending crazy budgets on ineffective ads. We knew the solutions were just hiding in the data.


Raduga was formed as a technology based advisory firm to online retailers. 

Our vision

Our vision steams from our belief that - the ability to take data and to be able to understand it, to process it, to extract value from it, to visualise it and to communicate it - is going to be hugely important for the success of businesses in the next decades.


Our vision is to be the trusted partner of the most successful eCommerce businesses on the planet, working hand in hand to unlock the tremendous amounts of potential value laying in the data.


Understanding the data alone creates no value unless these insights are uncovered and translated into actions and business outcomes and through our collective experience our vision is to bring real value to each and every client we partner with.

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